'We want to help you during this difficult time'


To do so, we are now doing all our tuition both online on video and face to face. You no longer need to live within driving distance for your child to benefit from our competent and professional tuition.


In addition, if you had chosen to have your child's lesson face to face and you are not able to come to the centre for one or more lessons, they can be done online on video to ensure that your child never falls behind, and afterwards, you can resume with face to face lessons. 


Call us now on 07788 265 346 or fill a contact form online and send it to us. 


We endeavour to help you during this difficult time:


- With one to one online on video tuition

- Group tuition online on video

- One to one face to face tuition 

- Short interventions to give support. 


So call us now. 


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