During our language holidays, English teaching is given in the classroom in the morning and in the afternoon there are visits, cultural activities and sports that you can choose in addition.

Activities include: - workshops, tours and shopping in the city, treasure hunt, karaoke, music composition, quizzes, board games and as sports we offer tennis, horse riding, and swimming; - Excursions to discover great historic cities, such as London with its beautiful monuments, Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, and Warwick with its beautiful castle.

In summer evening: barbecue, activities.

A week of linguistic stay counts an excursion and for two weeks of stays we offer two excursions.




The level of the students is evaluated. Then each student joins a group corresponding to his level. The small size of groups, 6 to 10 people, allows teachers to pay close attention to each student.


The teaching of English in the classroom is given in the morning, five days a week, as follows:


1 hour and a half learning the language with grammar, comprehension and conversation skills.

1 hour and a half of conversation with interactive games.

A break of 15 minutes is taken between the two sessions.




At TUTORS EXCEL, we have the qualifications and experience for teaching modern languages and the supervision of students is provided by professional instructors in their disciplines, who are also DBS checked.


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