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Why choose Tutors Excel?


My name is Marquise Skidmore and Tutors Excel is my product. I constantly work hard enough to be able to ‘excel with my students.’

Therefore, I focus on:

  • Professional tuition and training
  • Quality of lessons
  • Use of experience
  • Friendly learning environment
  • Regular communication with parents.

At Tutors Excel, we look at the personal individual that is your child. So we provide all our students with tuition matching their individuality and personal needs and this is done in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our one to one personalised tuition is designed to meet your child’s specific needs. Therefore, it only takes a few weeks for your child to show at school the difference that our tuition makes to his/her life. So instead of just telling you that your child is making progress without showing it to you, everyone will join us to confirm this to you: your child, her/his teachers and school. Our clients agree. Visit our website to say what they say.

That is what we do. We turn your child’s life around from lack of confidence to mastery and self-assurance.

Try us! Give us a call now on 07788 265 346.


The available subjects are English, Maths, Sciences, French & Spanish for the following exams/tests: SATS, 11+, GCSE, A-LEVEL.

Contact Tutors Excel now to discuss your needs and to set goals for your learning or register here for an 11+ assessment. 

We are located near the centre of England at only ten minutes from Solihull College and Alderbrook School and we are directly connected to Birmingham City Centre and the NEC by bus, by train and the M42.

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